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While the destruction of your hard drive is the most effective way to ensure you’re information remains safe, EPC, Inc. also provides a series of NIST 800-88-approved solutions that wipe your existing hard drives. This allows your company to:

1.) Reuse internally, which can have a financial benefit, as well as lower your risk for a data breach or theft while eliminating your chain of custody concerns.

2.) Legislative driven acts such as HITECH, HIPAA and Graham-Leach-Bliley requires companies to be responsible for securing their sensitive data. Vital information of millions such as medical records, social security numbers and banking information can be exposed with the theft of data. Stay compliant while avoiding the costly fines and public relations nightmare that comes along with a data breach or theft.

3.) A system with all vital components intact, i.e. hard drive, RAM, power supply etc, will allow for greater asset recovery dollars along with your assurance that the hard drive has been 100% cleansed.

EPC, Inc.’s data destruction service relies on best-of-breed drive wiping software and strong inventory management controls and our processes are NAID AAA Certified. Your organization’s confidential or proprietary data is much too important to entrust to just any IT recycler. Do your due diligence and make certain your recycling vendor is providing your firm with every consideration when it comes to industry compliance regarding data eradication and destruction. If for any reason you have doubts and want to mitigate risks once and for all, count on EPC, Inc. Asset Recovery Solutions, the industry leader in data security. We will provide the appropriate data security solution for your individual project or enterprise-wide program which will meet your unique requirements and protect your organization from the risks and liabilities associated with IT disposal.